Hi Trekers!!

Our trek is coming in two days!!
Here is the instruction on our arrival day. Please check this and arrive on time for our welcome dinner!!

1. Departure

Please put your name tag on your baggage. On our way to Hakone and Tokyo, our baggage will be sent by the transportation service.
And on our arrival day, we'll ask the hotel front to bring our baggage to our room.

According to the weather forecast, Japan is getting colder during the next week.
The temperature in Kyoto will be between 41° and 52° on this Sunday.

2. Transit

Those who arrive at ITM will transit at Narita International Airport. NRT has two terminals. In both terminals, the domestic flight check-in place is located at the same floor as the international arrival. Please exchange your dollars to Yen at NARITA. (We don’t have much time at Itami airport!!)

3. Arrival

Those who arrive at ITM.
@Mona, Evan, Philip
Tomoko and Masami will go with you by the same flight (ANA). Meet with them at the baggage claim in the south arrival. (Arrival time: 6:05pm)

@Chris, Gustavo
You will arrive at the north arrival (JAL). Please meet with other guys (ANA) at the bus ticket place outside the north arrival building. (Arrival time: 6:00pm)


Those who arrive at KIX.
Your arrival time is 4:50pm. Both the arrival exit and the bus stop are on the first floor. Please go straight to the No.8 bus stop outside the building after finishing the international arrival procedure. The currency exchange is located at the south and north exit.

4. Hotel

The bus will arrive at the Hachijo-Guchi which is located at the south side of Kyoto station.
Please go straight to the west along the Hachijo-Dori St. It takes within 10 minutes from the bus stop to the Hotel by walk.

Our welcome dinner will start at 8:30pm and it takes 10 minutes to the restaurant by taxi.
If you don't have enough time to enter your room, please ask the hotel front to bring your baggage to your room when you check-in.

5. Welcome Dinner

The restaurant's name is Fujimura (藤むら)
We'll help you to ride a taxi at the hotel.